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This post was inspired by a latest communication with a May 2021 Wedding Client. During the planning process Brides are usually on edge. They simply want to make sure that every detail a vendor promises is exactly that: PROMISED!

When pricing an event I communicate all the details about my work as your Event DJ. Nothing is hidden from the site of my prospective clients. Usually the honest approach is always the best approach! I give them the raw blood, sweat and tears details for making an event perfect. Believe it or not, when I'm hired for a 6 hour Wedding Event I'm technically working a 10 hour day. I don't magically appear on the dance floor with my equipment ready to go. LOL Get ready for a back breaking roller coaster ride or gory hard working DJ work.

First, allow me to set the stage: A Bride is trying to choose the best Wedding DJ for her 6 hour Event. This includes The Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, The Wedding Reception as well as Emceeing her event. She doesn't want to pay extra for the Emcee. I communicate to her, as well as the Groom, what my prices keep into account. Below is exactly what puts me ahead of the rest of the competition:


• Our Reception Meeting for Planning I will FaceTime or meet with you in person to plan all the details of your reception. We will cover all the details you want and don't want! Everything is customizable for you and the Groom.

• Second Meetings We will convene for a second meeting a month prior to your Wedding Event. Sometimes things change! It will be no problem making any adjustments to your Wedding Event timeline.

• Traveling to your Venue or Hall The cost to travel to your event is covered in my service fee! Don't worry about hidden charges. I don't do that! • Loading and Unloading Equipment I have a 2018 Ram Cargo Van that I utilize to load and unload my DJ Equipment at venues and loading docks. It's roomy and I can pack my equipment neatly.


• Setting up 3 hours prior to Start I usually arrive 2.5 to 3 hours prior to Ceremony or Reception Time. This gives me enough time to deal with annoying venue managers who don't want vendors like me to be seen by the guests. I'm usually forced to take a back entrance or and navigate through an active kitchen to the event space. PLEASE MAKE SURE THERE ARE NO EVENTS BOOKED PRIOR TO YOUR EVENT. DURING THE PEAK SEASON VENUES LOVE TO "CRAM BOOK" EVENTS BACK TO BACK!

• Equipment Handling at the Venue During this time I tap into my OCD powers. I make sure my DJ Set Up is PRISTINE. No exposed sound cables, sharp edges, my facade is square to the dance floor, etc.

• Coordinating Dance Lighting I angle my dance lights (which are included in all my packages) to the dance floor and away from guest tables as much as possible. I don't want to blind anyone!

• Creative Work of DJ'ing your Event I don't work with pre-mixes (BORING). I take live requests and work solely with your Spotify or Apple Music Playlist for the dancing portion of your Reception. I also don't work with remixes or dance remixes of popular dance songs. I love working with original hits. • Breaking Down 1.5 hours at End I will be at the venue for approximately 1.5 hours after your event ends. I'm a one man show! • Traveling from your Venue or Hall

The cost of traveling back home is covered by the fee as well.

Whew! That was a mouth full!

I know this blog might have been a lengthy and detailed read but that's what I'm all about! I don't leave no stone unturned and all my clients are never in the dark.

Thank you and I look forward to serving your event!



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