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Florida DJ | DJ Maxx Saint

Money & Travel

1. Do I have to make a deposit?

$50 is required to book.


2. Do you charge for mics?

Does a restaurant charge for forks?


3. Do you work with a back up DJ?

If I die you are covered by 2 DJ's.


4. How far do you travel?

I travel everyhwhere from NJ.


5. Do you have insurance?

Yes, available upon request.

6. Methods of Payment?

Credit Card, PayPal, Zelle & Venmo.


7. When should I book you?

At least 3 month in advance.


8. Do you have extra fees?

Never. No hidden fees here.


9. DJ's are expensive!

Not me. I work with your budget.


10. What are your rates?

It varies per event and package.

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DJ Maxx Saint | Spanish Music DJ

Music & Equipment

1. Do you have a Photobooth?

I work with Hidden Gem Visuals.


2. Do you cut off songs?

I never chop mix or short edit.


3. Do you accept playlists?

I accept Spotify, Tidal & Apple Music!


4. Do you have an Emcee?

Yes! I work with a bilingual Emcee.


5. Do you do Music Requests?

Your guests will have access here!

6. What are your music genres?

I'm an Open Format & Latin DJ.


7. My has a sound system?

It better be good sound system.


8. How early do you arrive?

I set up 2 to 3 hours prior.


9. Do you have sample mixes?

Of course! Check them out here.


10. What type of mic you have?

Wireless and Long Range Mic.

Performance Lighting
Dance Club DJ | DJ Maxx Saint


1. Do you have a YouTube?

Check out my adventures here.


2. Do you control the dance lights?

Yes, I control the mood.


3. What kind of lights do you have?

Chauvet and Blizzard Lights.

4. I need help planning!

Check this out or Tap here.

5. Do you have a Flatscreen?

Yes! A Single 55" Center Screen.

6. Can you avoid using strobes?

Of course, it's all customizable.


7. I have a custom colors.

Let's match it up!


8. Do you have uplights?

I have 10 uplights for your venue.

9. Do you have Fog?

I have a Chauvet Nimbus!

10. Do you have Sparklers?

Yes, but please call me first.

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