1. Is a Deposit required to secure you?
Yes, $100.00 is required to book.

2. Do you charge for mics?
Does a restaurant charge for forks?

3. Do you work with a back up DJ?
If I die you are covered by 2 DJ's.

4. How far do you travel for an event?
I serve all of NJ, PA & NY!

5. Do you have insurance?
Yes, available upon request.

6. Do you have a Photobooth?
Yes, I work with Hidden Gem Visuals.

7. Do you have offers or discounts?
Book ahead and save at this Link.

8. Do you accept playlists or requests?
I accept Spotify, Tidal & Live Requests!

9. Do you Emcee your events?
Yes! I cover all your announcements.

10. Do you have a price list?
Fill the form below for link access.

11. Do you have videos of your events?
Check out this secret YouTube Link.

12. Do you control your dance lights?
Yes, I control the mood with the music.

13. Are Dance Lights included?
Yes, 2 dance floor lights are for free.

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