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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to my FAQ section! I’m here to help you with your party planning by answering all your questions ahead of time. I cover all the aspects of all my DJ services and I will never leave you in the dark. If there is a question you might have that is not listed feel free to contact me at anytime. I always try to make party planning easy!

DJ Maxx Saint | Sweet 16 DJ

Money & Travel

1. Do I have to make a deposit?

Yes, a 20% is required to book.


2. Do you charge for mics?

Does a restaurant charge for forks?


3. Do you work with a back up DJ?

If I die you are covered by 2 DJ's.


4. How far do you travel?

I travel up to 500 miles.


5. Do you have insurance?

Yes, available upon request.

DJ Maxx Saint | Spanish Music DJ

Music & Equipment

1. Do you have a Photobooth?

Yes, I work with Hidden Gem Visuals.


2. Do you have offers or discounts?

Book more than six months ahead.


3. Do you accept playlists?

I accept Spotify, Tidal & Requests!


4. Do you have an Emcee?

Yes! I work with a bilingual Emcee.


5. Can you handle large events?

I have sets for events over 500.

DJ Maxx Saint | DJ packages


1. Do you have event videos?

Email me for the YouTube Link.


2. Do you control the dance lights?

Yes, I DMX control all my lights.


3. Are Dance Lights included?

Yes, 2 dance lights are for free.

4. I need help planning my event!

I'm here to save the day! Tap here

5. Do you have Flatscreens?

I have triple and double screens.

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