1. Is a Deposit required to secure you?

Yes, $50.00 to secure your Event Date.

2. Do you charge for mics?

Does a restaurant charge for forks?

3. Do you work with a back up DJ?

If I die you are covered by 2 DJ's.

4. Do you have Friday or Sunday rates?

Yes. Go to the Price Page.

5. Do you have insurance?

Yes. Certificate available upon request.

6. Can we meet in person?

Yes! Check out About the DJ.

7. Do you play music with cursing?

I'm strictly a CLEAN EDIT DJ.

8. Do you accept playlists or requests?

I accept Spotify, Apple & Requests!

9. Any extra fees I need to know about?

I have FLAT RATE PRICING. I charge extra for video.

10. How do I contact you?

Contact me now. Please Click Here!

11. Do you have videos?

Yes! Go to this Video Link.

12. I need help with my Sweet 16!

Of course! Go to the Sweet 16 Page.

13. Do you bring Dance Lights?

Yes. Dance lighting is included.

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