Sweet 16's & Quinces

Do you want peace of mind and simply enjoy your Event? I will manage your event and not leave you in the dark! From your Entrance, Court Dance and Candle Ceremony I am going to make every moment feel like a classic fairytale with a bangin' party!

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1. Your Court and Grand Entrance will sound awesome and clear. I make sure your guests are paying attention.


2. Mics are balanced for any ambient noise. Toasts and speeches will project clean and sharp for all to hear.

3. You have control over your event. Customize it with special songs. It creates a party to remember forever!

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4. Do you have a special Court Dance? Do you need a special DJ mix of your songs? Say no more fam!


5. The focus of the celebration is squarely on the Queen. No gimmicks or corny sound effects are employed.

6. I have a free Event Planner you can download to help organize your event! Allow me to guide you through.

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7. Lighting is very important! I control the mood and colors for every song on your playlist and live requests.


8. I have a QR Code for music requests. Scan the code and you will hear your song! Clean versions only.

9. Do you need an awesome Photography and Photobooth Service? I work with Hidden Gem Visuals!