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Fire Sweet 16 and Quince DJ

Updated: Feb 24

The Only Choice

DJ Maxx is the only choice for a Sweet 16 or Quinceañera event. With DJ Maxx, you can be confident that your event will be handled with the utmost professionalism and care. He will collaborate with you to create a personalized music set and timeline that reflects your preferences and ensures that all of your music requests are met. DJ Maxx Saint has a large selection of music available, including the latest hits as well as classic favorites, so you can be confident that he has the perfect tunes to keep your guests entertained all night. Plan ahead and book today before popular dates disappear.

Innovative Sweet 16 DJ

1. DJ Maxx Saint is an expert at coming up with innovative concepts that will make your entrance absolutely amazing. He has experience in designing grand entrances for Sweet 16s and Quinces.

2. He is open to incorporating any special requests, themes and ideas that you may have, and he is always willing to go above and beyond to make your grand entrance truly unique. Let's start the party planning today.

3. DJ Maxx can make an exciting and aesthetically appealing entrance using a variety of professional tools, such as lighting and moving head spots. DJ Maxx has the tools to make it happen whether you want something elegant and traditional or something more contemporary and cutting-edge.

DJ Maxx Saint | Wedding DJ Service
"Awesome Family Tradition"

Nothing but Skills

4. Your talented and seasoned DJ knows how to keep the party going and the crowd dancing all night. He has a wide selection of music at his disposal, including both current songs and timeless faves, and he is always ready to mix it up to keep the vibe upbeat.

5. Because of his excellent crowd reading skills and ability to feel the vibe in the room, DJ Maxx Saint makes sure that the music choices are constantly current and interesting. Don't you love a great dance party.

6. Your DJ is always happy to take music requests from guests and is skilled at incorporating them into the playlist seamlessly. This helps to create a personalized and interactive experience for your guests, ensuring that they feel included and engaged in the celebration.

DJ Maxx Saint | DJ Service
"Keeping the Kids Happy!"

Enhance your Event

7. As an added feature for your reception, DJ Maxx offers video screens that can show pictures or films. This raises the visual interest to another level and keeps visitors engaged. Your event will be one to remember for a long time.

8. DJ Maxx also offers photobooth services as an enhancement for your reception. This is a fun activity that allows guests to take candid pictures and create lasting memories of the event. Also great for guests that drink too much!

The Best Experience

9. The dancing lighting upgrades provided by your DJ are a fantastic way to liven up and energize your celebration. DJ Maxx can design a lively and visually stunning environment that is ideal for dancing and partying using a number of lighting cue cards. Get ready to see the difference!

Business Listing

DJ Maxx Saint

467 Brace Avenue, Perth Amboy, NJ 08861

Phone Number: (732) 770-0257


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