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Celebrating Love at Allaire Lavender Farm

Updated: Jun 17

A Memorable Night with DJ Maxx Saint

Being a wedding DJ is more than just playing music—it's about creating unforgettable experiences, and I had the pleasure of doing just that at a beautiful Puerto Rican wedding at Allair Lavender Farm in Wall Township, New Jersey. The enchanting venue, the lively guests, and the unique needs of the newlyweds made this night one to remember.

Early Arrival and Setup at Allair Lavender Farm

I arrived early at Allair Lavender Farm to ensure everything was perfect for the big day. The serene lavender fields provided a stunning backdrop, setting the stage for a magical celebration. My early arrival allowed ample time to set up the sound system, lighting, and other equipment to ensure everything was in place before the guests began to arrive.

Ceremony and Cocktail Hour

The newlyweds had specific needs for both the ceremony and the cocktail hour, which I was more than happy to accommodate. For the ceremony, they chose a selection of traditional and contemporary songs that reflected their love story and cultural heritage. From the moment the bride walked down the aisle to the recessional, every song was carefully timed and flawlessly executed.

During the cocktail hour, the ambiance was everything. I curated a playlist of smooth Latin jazz and classic boleros, which perfectly complemented the relaxing atmosphere and the exquisite lavender fields. Guests mingled, enjoyed signature cocktails, and shared heartfelt moments—all to the soundtrack of love and romance.

Reception: Dancing the Night Away

When it was time for the reception, the energy shifted from serene to electrifying. The reception was held in a beautifully decorated barn, where the lighting and decor created a festive yet intimate atmosphere. As soon as the first dance concluded, I transitioned to an energetic mix of salsa, merengue, reggaeton, and classic wedding hits.

The dance floor was packed all night. It was incredible to see guests of all ages coming together, dancing, and celebrating the union of two wonderful people. From the latest Latin hits to timeless party anthems, I made sure there was something for everyone, keeping the energy high and the spirits even higher.

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Watch the Celebration Unfold

Words can only do so much to capture the magic of that night. That's why I've attached a video that showcases the highlights of the wedding, from the ceremony to the last dance. Be sure to check it out, and if you enjoy it, please leave a comment, like, and subscribe to my channel. Your support means the world to me and helps me continue to create unforgettable experiences for couples on their special day.

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